The Institute seeks to contribute to the transformation of national and international institutions, corporate, private and public bodies, so that these can remain effective tools of statecraft in the face of today's rapid and profound global change. By improving exchanges between government, academia and the private sector, The Institute seeks to promote a better understanding of how to advance the national interest and enhance national security.

The Research Programme is The Institute's primary means of advancing its knowledge and understanding so as to improve the effectiveness of its practical activities. An extensive research network of specialists, academics and practitioners based in the UK and abroad provides The Institute with its ability to map the rapidly evolving global environment, to assess the impact of current trends on society and on national and international institutions, and to implement effective solutions.

The Institute works to support policy makers and decision takers in government, in private institutions and in the corporate world, with their practice of statecraft. It seeks to build capacity for strategic thinking so as to mitigate the risk of concentrating exclusively on short-term goals.

The Institute is distinguished from "Think Tanks" in that its research is primarily focused on enabling it to deliver effective Projects and Programmes. To this end, The Institute combines its experience and capabilities to enable its people to devise and implement solutions to challenges which The Institute has been commissioned to address.

When appropriate, Programme Directors may elect to post details of their programme on the webpages below.

The Policy and Strategy Group is one of the practical means by which The Institute seeks to grow the capacity for strategic thinking and for developing a national competitive advantage.