About Us

The Institute for Statecraft is an independent body dedicated to refreshing the practice of statecraft, to improving governance and to enhancing national security.


The Institute tracks global trends and provides independent support to enable leaders to address the challenges and opportunities which rapid change presents to their countries or organisations-

  • Free from financial, career path, commercial and political vested interests
  • Able to address the most sensitive, difficult and complex issues without fear or favour
  • Maintaining firm, trusted relationships  with government, academia and the corporate world at home and abroad


The Institute provides decision takers & policy makers with reliable, alternative solutions to address rapidly evolving threats, challenges and opportunities based on many years' combined experience-

  • Working on real-world challenges: with Government bodies; with Armed Forces and other agencies of national security; with International Organisations; with the corporate world; and with Academia
  • Track record of delivering practical solutions
  • Academic credentials established over many years


The extensive network of Institute Fellows and research associates provides a unique, expert, active resource- 

  • Wide range of domains and broad geographical coverage
  • Competent to employ many different tools for learning, education, experimentation and application
  • Able to deploy material and human resources quickly and effectively to anticipate emerging challenges