NATO Publications Series

The papers in this series are sponsored by NATO HQ Public Diplomacy Division. The aim of this series is to encourage new thinking on current international security concerns. The opinions expressed in these papers are those of the authors themselves and do not represent the views of NATO or of The Institute for Statecraft.

Karl Harrison (Cranfield Forensic Institute) & Alex Finnen (Senior Associate Fellow, The Institute for Statecraft) - 10/12/2012
Jim Greene, Senior Fellow and Director of The Institue for Statecraft's Security and Democratic Development Programme. - 20/12/2012
Dr Shima D. Keene - Director, Security Economics Programme, The Institute for Statecraft - 12/11/2012
Dr Celia Szusterman, Director, The Institute for Statecraft's Latin America Programme. - 20/12/2012
Professor Alan Riley, City Law School, City University, Grays Inn, London, and Senior Associate Fellow, The Institute for Statecraft. - 03/12/2012